Miniature Olde English Bulldogge
Bullridge Kennels
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                                                    Miniature Olde English Bulldogge

Height: 15" and under

Weight: 40 pounds and under

Head: Round head with typical bulldog features. Eyes: set far apart and should not protrude. Jaw: should be curved, not straight. Nose: should be turned up slightly and may be black or liver colored. Dudley noses are a cosmetic fault but not a disqualification. Eyes may be any color. Ears: should be drop or rose. Erect ears are not preferred.
Shoulders and Rump: should be rounded and well muscled, giving a stout appearance denoting strength for a small stature.
Legs: should be heavy boned and in direct proprtion to the body. Long, fine legs are a fault. Cowhocks or pigeon toes are a fault.
Feet: should be tight and pasterns straight. Not splade
Tail: must be short and can be screwed or docked.
Color: All coat colors are acceptable except for merle and black and tan.
Temperment: Out going and friendly. Athletic and confident. Very stable. The Mini Olde English Bulldogge, like the larger Olde English Bulldogge should be all around good family compaions with a strong desire to please and should be easily trained. They make good compaions for young or old and maitenance is minimal. Timidness or extreme aggression is a serious fault.

Mini Olde English Bulldogges are bred to be well rounded family dogs able to adapt to many different lifestyles from apartment living to farm living and remain a loyal and true companion, eay to care for and very enjoyable. They should be able to accept other aninals without undue aggression.
These are some Mini's and more coming, check back and see how they develope